Nick Reeve January 2021 Livestream

'Your Songs' - Let's Go Crazy - Piano Bar

The show can go on! What do you see when you look at the world today? I think it’s fair to say things are a little crazy right now. Hopefully ‘Your Songs’ give us a nice distraction every Tuesday. Kylie, one of my regular virtual audience members, requested ‘Crazy’ by Seal, so let’s go...crazy and run with this as theme plus all your other requests. Patsy Cline, Prince and others will all be gracing our 90 minute setlist. Maybe you have a dedication, a celebration or you just want to hear a song that takes you back to a special memory. Your requests are my playlist. What song would you like? Livestreaming has been my salvation throughout 2020 and continues to be my opportunity to reach you. I have been entertaining crowds in London and all around the UK and Europe for over 15 years. Covid19 has forced live music venues to close their doors, but against all the odds, we have proven that the show can go on. Tickets start at £5 or you have the option to ‘pay what you want’. ‘Your Songs’ has created an upbeat and loyal community where you interact, comment, request and even tip me. Let's continue to keep LIVE MUSIC alive! Thank you for your support. See you (virtually) round the piano. Nick x Each weekly show is available to watch for 4 days on demand, until the following Saturday

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