Nick Reeve Livestream May 2021

This has been 'Your Songs' - Penultimate Show

It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside.... LIVE music is BACK. Here in UK we can start attending and PERFORMING real LIVE gigs. For me, Pianoman, it’s mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation! One thing I know for sure, It’s going to feel amazing to sing in front of a real audience in a venue after 15 months. We have been on quite journey from the day venues shut their doors and gigs were cancelled back in March 2020. But together, we have livestreamed our way through this strange time in our world. I have felt so much love, support and enthusiasm for every song of every virtual show from my basement studio in Stockwell. These truly have been your songs that have kept us in touch. Wherever you are in the world join us for 90 minutes of live streamed Pianoman entertainment; dedications, celebrations and all your favourite requests. Tickets start at £5. So sit back and enjoy ‘Your Songs’, our upbeat and fun virtual get together. You can interact, comment, request and even tip me. I am working on new music at the moment and all your support helps towards paying for these new songs! Lots of people are involved in making the best music - from producers, musicians, digital experts to media savvy folk! Thank you! Thank you for your support. See you (virtually) round the piano. Love Nick x Each show is available to watch for 4 days on demand, until the following Saturday

Thank you for you support - a hopeful heart!
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Thank you for you support - Feeling the love
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General ticket admission: £5 per person
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